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Catering without compromise

We bring the atmosphere and outstanding quality of the best restaurants into everyday catering in a diverse, attractive and exclusive way anywhere, anytime based on our clients’ individual needs.
This is what catering without compromise means for us, this is what we love, believe in and are good at. Let us show you!

From picnics to gala dinners

Picnic, wedding, family day, conference,client party, gala dinner?
Whether you need us for a small family gathering or a large-scale corporate event, we provide professional, personalised and unique solutions every time. Treat yourself and your guests to an unparalleled culinary experience.

ArtGastronomy Weddings

Wedding catering without compromise

Once you are over the initial shock and you can finally tear your eyes away from that sparkly ring on your finger, you will need to make a lot of decisions. Whether you are planning a close-knit family wedding or a grand, lavish reception you want the day to be unforgettable.

How can you make the day memorable?

„Good friends, good food, good times”

These are the ingredients of a successful wedding. Good company is a given, since you will be surrounded by people who are important to you and you hold close to your heart. For the rest we make sure that the food perfectly matches You, the style and atmosphere of your wedding, both visually and flavourwise and all You have to do is to have a great time!

But you were not born a wedding planner and you don’t know where to start?

Let us help you!

You have exact ideas and everything figured out?

Tell us and we will make it happen!

Here are some questions that will help you narrow down your ideas:

How did you meet?
Where was your first date?
What is your personal style?
What is your favourite food to cook together
What is your favourite restaurant?
What is the theme for your wedding?
What are the dominant colours of your wedding?
Where will you go on honeymoon?

Come and visit!

We can send you a menu full of fancy food names, but we think it is much easier for you to make a decision when you personally experience the flavours, quality and visuality that we provide.

We invite you and your fiancé to a sample dinner where you get to meet our staff, chefs and you can taste our culinary creations.

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Creative cuisine

Inspired by the world’s cultural diversity, we create an exciting harmony by combining the essences of cuisines from all around the globe and by using only the finest ingredients. This paired with our own unique design that delights all five senses delivers the full experience.


Richárd Pásztor
Creative Chef
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György Vincze
Executive Chef
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Richárd (Ricsi) Pásztor

Ricsi’s love of the world of food started on a holiday at Lake Balaton when he was a youngster. While queuing for kürtőskalács (chimney cake) he was mesmerized by the baking process. Not much later he had the recipe and with the help of an old grill and a cone shaped wooden rod made by his uncle he baked his very first homemade kürtőskalács. This put him on the direct path to become a pastry chef. He studied under the wings of pastry chef József Bodó at the now Mihályi pastry shop in Vác then worked at the Pingvin pastry shop for 7 years. He moved to Budapest in 2000 where he started his career as a chef. He spent a year in the BABEL restaurant then he got introduced to the modern food processing techniques by Zoltán Danó chef in Kogart. Ricsi is always on the lookout for new flavours and keeps up with trends, he likes combining the old and new world and enjoys the freedom of creation. As the creative chef of ArtGastronomy he is responsible for making an idea a reality. His talent for continuous innovation and always finding a way is what makes him an essential part of the company.

György „Jockey” Vincze

György was introducted to culinary arts at a young age. He learnt the basics from his gradmother who had been a chef as well. He officially chose this as a career and gained valuable work experience during his 7 years in the Kristály Hotel in Tata, working under the guidance of István Makó master chef. Hoping to advance his career he moved to Budapest where he worked in Szinbád for 1,5 years then in the Király restaurant and at the Vigadó Casino. He transitioned from a la carte service to catering service during the 5 years he spent at Palace catering. Following this line he worked for other catering companies later on like Gourmax and Kisherceg Gasztronómia, which in their own time were considered as new-wave. Before he joined the team at ArtGastronomy he spent two years as the souschef of Búsuló Juhász Restaurant. He continuously broadens his gastronomical knowledge, his insterests include patisserie and molecular gastronomy. He prefers simple food and takes working only with the finest quality produce very seriously. Asian cuisine is close to his heart, hence his love of using ginger and turmeric.

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